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Melissa’s wealth of knowledge and her dedication to the field of natural health have been such blessings to our family’s health issues. She has a passion for wanting to heal others and through her years of experience, Melissa has successfully placed so many people on the path of regaining their health. Being compassionate to those that need her guidance, Melissa’s care and expertise are to be admired. 


Melissa's knowledge, support & encouragement in my health journey and education has been beneficial and greatly appreciated.  Her clear and concise teaching on herbs, foods, healing analyses and modalities have proved instrumental in the healthy lifestyle choices I make daily.


I first met Melissa at a time when my life was beginning to shift. Although I have long been interested in natural remedies and herbs, my knowledge was limited, and I craved someone to mentor me personally. In the process of moving from the suburbs to rural Kansas, I visited Melissa’s family farm and knew I had found ‘my people’.

Melissa has a way of teaching practical, hands on skills that I utilize to this day. She lives the lifestyle she teaches and advocates for personal awareness, responsibility and initiative. Her knowledge is extensive, and her credentials support her life work. I’m excited to follow her journey to see what she does next!

-Yvonne M.

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