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Critical to your Health!

When was the last time you spent time just dreaming of what you would love to do?  What would you LOVE to see happen in your life in 2024 and even beyond?

How does this relate to health?  Our purpose has everything to do with it!  When we understand our purpose or calling on our life, we are more intentional in our actions and less hyper-focused on ourselves and our situation.  The drive to accomplish fills our mind with beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters that affect our bodies in beautiful ways!  It’s important to remember that dreams and goals will likely shift as we move through life as we accomplish more and discover new things!  

In our household, we had all watched New Year’s resolutions come and go but last year was different.  I made an assignment to our family… each person was asked to make a ‘dream board’ for 2023.  Each one grumbled, thought it was stupid, dragged their feet… but despite their objections, I kept encouraging them.  Finally, by New Year’s Day, each one had some sort of list, photo collage, whatever spoke to them that they could both present to our family and post in their rooms where they would see it regularly.  We made it fun New Year’s Day with food, games and presentations.

This was not an assignment to cut out pictures of huge houses and expensive cars, it was an exercise in praying, thinking and dreaming with God to come up with small and large goals that would take them into the new year and beyond.  Some dreams were somewhat within reach and other targets were sort of crazy!  Sure, some goals included fun adventures or toys but at a deeper level, they included how each one of us wanted to change the world in some way for the better.  God gives us dreams for a reason, it’s one of His ways of speaking our purpose into us. Psalm 37:4 says 'Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.'

We each learned more about ourselves and even more fun, we learned more about each other! 

But the best part is that the exercise truly shaped our year in unimaginable ways!  I had absolutely no idea that in a few short months after this photo was taken, we’d completely uproot and relocate to Chattanooga, TN or that I would complete a professional speaker’s training to launch my career in new ways.  Just a little insight… a couple of pictures that were on my dream board were some mountains and a picture of a gal speaking to a group. Not every goal or dream has been achieved yet but they are dreams that God has refined a bit more so that I can be more specific in my pictures and notes for this next year. 

Be careful doing this, it just might take you on a crazy adventure!  Each one of us is excited to do it this year and what’s even more fun, we have 6 more family members wanting to join in!  As for our immediate family, now that we have done it once and saw how inspiring it was, we are now excited to put even bigger dreams down on paper this year.  Accountability and a visual reminder that we see regularly is so important!

I would like to challenge you to a dream board NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE!  

Pictured is our first of New Year’s Day tradition 1/1/2023.

our first of New Year’s Day tradition 1/1/2023.

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